Small World. The return of Paul Brackley

I’ve just seen the latest installment of Edd China’s workshop diaries. And guess who is helping Edd with the Sprinter van?

None other than Paul Brackley from Wheeler Dealers! Remember him?

There’s an interesting interview with him.. guess what he’s been doing since then?

Answer: Flipping Bangers and Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars!

So now we know how Gus and Will and Paul and Drew REALLY get the cars fixed.


There’s also a mention of “Panic Mechanic“.. hmm. Not seen that one.

I do remember seeing the Fatman (Mike) in something called “Deals on Wheels”.  An episode involving a Toyota Sera jumps to mind, which is also one of the cars in the upcoming series of ‘Flipping Bangers”.

Small world, innit?


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