Audi A2 Project Car Update

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Audi A2 Project Car Update

Ok. So I gave up trying to get the blower fan sorted myself and consulted a local mechanic.

This is the guy who fixed the Clio starting issues.

He had it working (sort of) in a few minutes, but every time we turned off the engine it would not work again..

Until, for no reason, it just worked. 

He also had the correct key for the locking wheel nuts.  Replaced them with my new set.

£10 all-in. He even checked the engine code – O2 sensor intermittent error.

He’s worked on A2s before and wasn’t phased by the bonnet thing.

Off to the tyre place to get the front tyre looked at/replaced… Turns out the wheel needed sorting out a bit, all the crap grinding off the rim, and a good smear of sealant before refitting the tyre, which has “plenty of meat” on it.

He had to ask me what car it was, to know what psi to use. Not familiar with A2s. Also, didn’t have any 185/50r16s in stock.. nobody did ..

Sorted. Another £10 cash . Gotta love the “cash economy”..

The fuel cap wasn’t supposed to work, but it just does. All I did was fiddle with the mechanism a bit.

Just need to re-assemble the glovebox and pollen filter, and sort out the drivers door window.

But the car is taxed, tested and insured, and drives well. 70mph no probs at all.

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