Goodbye, Tesla UK?

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Goodbye, Tesla UK?

Tesla has cancelled all RHD versions of the model S and model X. You heard that right. Stopped production.

Goodbye Model S

From now on, only left-hand-drive versions will be available.

Left hand drive cars are not suitable for countries which drive on the left, which accounts for over seventy countries worldwide. Including the UK.

Customers on the waiting list have therefore cancelled their orders, and are deserting to rival manufacturers in droves.

The Model S is high end, and competes with Porsche and Mercedes. Which is where these customers are going instead.


Currently, the model 3 and model Y are not affected, but for how long?

Is this just a ruse to increase sales of the cheaper models?

I see lots of model 3s about, but hardly any S, and NO model X, ever.

The good news is that second hand RHD models are likely to hold their value, I suppose.

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