I have an Audi A2!

I have an Audi A2!

Just picked it up in the dark, in the rain.

Needs some fettling, but has a full MOT.

The interior has now been swapped to black instead of the light blue. Nice.

It still has the Sport wheels, as the seller couldn’t find the locking wheel nut key.

Problems with the driver’s door window, but comes with spare motor. If it’s the switch, I have a spare in the FULL LEATHER INTERIOR that came with it, in beige. I have plans for that.

The Open Sky System doesn’t work, but it makes the interior very light. Nice.

Heater blower not working. Need to fix that asap as the windscreen steams up.

Both keys need new batteries. And probably re-synching.

Plenty to get my teeth into.

Photos taken in the dark, in the rain.

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