Audi A2 Update: Heating fixed! + Battery + Steering + Regulator + O2 sensor

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Audi A2 Update: Heating fixed! + Battery + Steering + Regulator + O2 sensor

Blower Motor

Lee’s Auto Services got the blower motor working. Basically did what I had done: bypass the controls and inject 12v direct to the motor.

The difference was Lee was able to do that while it was plugged in.. the controls fired into life! But stopped again after turning the engine off. After a while it just worked. And kept working. Sorted!


However it was only blowing cold air. After a lot of help from the, we diagnosed a stuck a/c flap. I managed to get this working by repeatedly cycling the temp up and down. For 2 days..


I have had two occasions where the power steering failed. Both times just after starting the car and reversing out of a parking space.

Looks like this ties in with the charging light issue (comes on when starting, until you blip the throttle).. looks like the alternator is not quite supplying enough juice on starting. I’ve already replaced the battery, so it’s not that .

A2oc suggests replacing the regulator before alternator (£20 as opposed to £120)

O2 sensor

Intermittent error when starting from cold. Needs a new sensor. (£20ish from eBay)

Booked in.

Car is booked in with LAS tomorrow to get the sensor replaced. Hopefully the regulator as well. (Regulator was £18 new from eBay)

Going to ask him about the noise from the front, which I assume is a wheel bearing.

All these issues are a result of the car standing for 18 months or so..

I bought a battery tester, too. (£6 from eBay)

I also acquired a set of wheel centre caps AND a set of A3 alloys and tyres.

The alloys don’t fit (5×112 as opposed to 5×100), but I have a set of adapters..

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  • Booked in for regulator replacement on Friday. Fingers crossed.

  • The O2 sensor is now installed and working fine. This was a pain of a job and needed a lift. Undertray removal and a lot of faffing about due to the sensor location.

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